Born in Songjiang, Shanghai

Graduated from Oil Painting Department of Fine Arts College of Shanghai Normal University.

Works and lives in Shanghai.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
“Daily of Concept—A Practice of Life,” Duolun Museum of Modern Art Shanghai, China
“Outdated,” Don Gallery, Shanghai, China
“Learning from the Literati 3,” OV Gallery, Shanghai, China
“Youth: Everything in Between,” Don Gallery, Shanghai, China
“Young Art Taipei,” Taipei, Taiwan
“In-Sight,” Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China
“Forgotten Places,” OV Gallery, Shanghai, China

“Gallery Hotel Art Project,” Gallery Hotel, Beijing, China
“Shell Economics Art Fair,” SWFC, Shanghai, China
“SH_Contemporary,” Shanghai, China
“Learning from the Literati 2,” OV Gallery, Shanghai, China
“If Don Gallery Shanghai,” China
“Youth Artist Experimental Season,” A4 Contemporary Arts Center, Chengdu, China
“Join in the Fun,” Vanguard Gallery,” Shanghai, China
“décor,” Arrow Factory, Beijing, China
“Refracted Realities Fantasy Worlds,” OV Gallery, Shanghai, China
“THE THIRD PARTY – An exhibition in Three Acts: Act 3,” Platform China
“Xinzhuang: the Stories of Five Youths,” DonGallery
“YunLang Project,” aike galleria

“Disappear,” DDM warehouse, Shanghai, China
“Shanghai History in the Making,” Bridge 8, Shanghai, China
“Reverse Image,” Chicago Museum Of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, USA

“Gray Fertilizer,” Young Artists Independent Tests Show, Shanghai, China
“Comfortable,” No.1, Building 2, Lane 10, Tai’an road, Shanghai, China

“Playground,” Young Artists Independent Tests Show, No.49 Jiujiang Road,Shanghai,China
“Home,” Graduation Oil Painting Exhibition, Shanghai, China
“Fei Arts Center,” Shanghai, China
“Shanghai Water from the Sea,” Around Art Space, Shanghai, China
“2007 Songzhuang Artists Exhibition,” Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
“Refresh,” Shanghai Zendai Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China
“Refresh,” Beijing Arario Gallery, Beijing, China

“Guilin Landscape,” Shanghai Urban Sculpture Art Center, Shanghai, China
“Feel,” No.2218 Yangshupu Road, Shanghai Binjiang Creative Industries Park,
Shanghai, China
“Image Shanghai,” Shanghai Library, Shanghai, China
“Me, Us,” Invisible Gallery, Beijing, China

“What? What!,” Invisible Gallery, Beijing, China
“1/9,” Shanghai Bizart Art Center, Shanghai, China

“The Landlord and 23 Tenants,” Youth Experimental Art Exhibition, Shanghai Normal
University, Rehearsal Room

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