Lore Vanelslande, God is a Circle, mixed media on old paper, 23 x 23 cm, 2010

For Lore the core of her getting involved with the artistic exists in the process of creating things, more than in the goal to create a preconceptualised work or image. It is the process of repetition, of drawing, thus creating images or complex structures and patterns and the fact that this repetitive act can constitute a certain inner peace, which was what attracted her the most.
For this she started a research in the field of “sacred geometry” and the use of circles, patterns and symmetries in different religions, cultures and art. In most religions in the world complex geometric patterns are used in sacred places or contexts. The use of geometrical patterns is even older than religions but appeals strongly to them because they are without a real story and somehow allow you to find in them what you like.
Peter Ides, Philosophical Consultant, Aug, 2010

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